Committees and Organizations


Adult Education Committee

Contact: Vickie Eichler

As stated by the U.S. Catholic Bishops in “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us,” a Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States: “Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, must be ‘the central task in this catechetical enterprise,’ becoming ‘the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age.’ (General Catechetical Directory (GCD), no. 20).  This can be done specifically through developing in adults a better understanding of and participation in the full sacramental life of the church. “

The role of the parish adult education committee is to strive to respond to the Bishops’ mandate by planning annual enrichment opportunities to respond to the current faith needs of the adult members of our parish.

Art and Environment Committee

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100

Members of the Art and Environment Committee are responsible for the overall environment of both churches (Immaculate Conception and St. Jude’s), and for the inventory and maintenance of furnishings, vessels and vestments. Volunteers are responsible for the planning and preparation of the worship spaces for liturgical celebrations, which includes placement of potted flowers and plants. Volunteers are welcome as members or to offer their specific skills and talents, e.g. sewing, caring for altar linens, etc.

Baptism Team

Contact: Parish Office -   410 398-1100

Baptism Classes are facilitated by one of the following: Pat Kosman,  Deacon Mike Truman, or one of our parish Priests. During the meeting, all those present are welcomed, informed about the Sacrament of Baptism and the ritual as well as given ideas on how to share their faith with their child.  If you would like to be part of this ministry, call the parish office to register.

Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100


The Parish Cenacle of the Blue Army gathers for a Holy Hour on Tues. mornings at 9:00 AM in the Daily Mass Chapel in Immaculate Conception Church, and also for First Saturday Devotions at 9:00 AM on the first Saturday of each month.

Building and Maintenance Committee

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100

These volunteers advise and assist with the necessary upkeep, repairs, and maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds.

Christian Formation Committee

Contact: Vickie Eichler The CFC meets in the Parish Center at 4:00PM the fourth Thursday of the Month.

The CFC is concerned with the total Catholic education in the parish. its function is to provide leadership and guidance and to formulate policy, when necessary, that will guide the total Catholic education programs for all of the children youth and adults of our parish. Adult Education Committee members include the Director of Religious Education, the School Principal, the Coordinator of Youth Ministry, and other parish members who volunteer as committee members. Please contact us if you would like to serve on this committee. New members are welcome!

Christmas Bazaar Committee

Contact: Parish Office  410 398-1100

The Christmas Bazaar, one of three major fundraisers for our parish, is held in mid November in the school building. Many volunteers are needed for organizing, set up, clean up, food service, craft tables, etc.  If you’d like to help, please contact the parish office.

Finance Council

Contact: Peggy O’Donnell  410 398-1100

The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council assists the Pastor in the prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and in setting policy and establishing procedures to provide effective management of parish assets.

Golf Committee

Contact: Parish Office  410 398-1100

The Annual Golf Classic is one of three major fundraisers for our parish. The Golf Classic is usually held in Newark in late Spring. If you’d like to help, please contact the parish office.

Knight of Columbus, Bishop Becker Council 2427

Contact: 410 398-2427  K of C meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, 7:00 PM, at the Immaculate Conception Parish Center

For membership information contact [Email]. Visit our website:

The Knights of Columbus offer Catholic men the opportunity to come together in a fraternity of their fellows. Through membership in the Knights, Catholic men encourage and support one another to live out and witness to their Catholic faith in the church and in the nation, in our local parish and our local community.

All Catholic men of our parish are encouraged to consider joining the Knights of Columbus. Membership offers many benefits and opportunities for Catholic men and their families.

Lazarus Ministry

Contact: Deacon Mike Truman  410 398-0009

Volunteers for this ministry offer support and help to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Activities include providing desserts after a funeral, house-sitting during a funeral, etc. More bakers are needed to increase our volunteers so that each volunteer may only be called two or three times per year.

Leisure Club

Contact: Kathy Chamberlin.

The Leisure Club is for those who are over 55 years young. The group meets monthly for fellowship and to plan various fun activities. 

Liturgy Committee

Contact: Parish Office  410 398-1100

The Liturgy Committee bears the responsibility for coordination of the liturgical life of the parish. The committee is guided by the liturgical documents of the Church and approved diocesan guidelines. The committee is also responsible for determining the long-range goals and objectives for the liturgical life of Immaculate Conception and Saint Jude communities. This committee consists of the following subcommittees: Music, Art & Environment, RCIA, Children’s Liturgy of the Word. 

Nursing Home Ministry

Contact: Deacon Mike Truman  410 398-0009

Mass or a Communion Service is held at each of the three area nursing homes served by the parish. If you are interested in attending these Masses contact Deacon Mike Truman. Help is needed to assist nursing home residents to and from rooms, with songbooks, etc. Parishioners are invited to attend monthly Mass held in each nursing home. Youngsters are welcome. Your presence and participation at Mass will enliven our celebration. 

Parish Administrative Volunteers

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100

These parishioners volunteer for various administrative and clerical tasks including offertory collection counters, computer work, stuffing envelopes, preparing parish mailings, and other clerical duties. Please contact the parish office it you would like to help.

Parish and Family Life Committee

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100

 The purpose of the Parish and Family Life committee is to provide for the holistic growth and development of Immaculate Conception Parish and its many families, including all age groups and their varied needs. The committee strives to promote Christian community and to enrich family living within our parish community.

Parish Coffee

Contact: Parish Main Office 410-398-1100


Parish Coffees are held the 1st Sunday of the month at Saint Jude Mission Church in North East following the 9:00 AM Mass and the 2nd Sunday of the month at Immaculate Conception in the ICS cafeteria following the 10:15 AM Mass.

Parish Nurses

Parish Nurses measure blood pressures after Masses on a monthly basis. The blood pressure screenings take place on coffee Sundays. Nurses are needed to participate in this important service to our parishioners.

Pastoral Council

Contact: Parish Council

Parish Main Office  410 398-1100. 

Pastoral Council meets at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center the third Wednesday of each month. 


The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor. It is the coordinating and unifying structure of the Parish Community. Its function is to develop a deep, personal and communal commitment to and maximal participation in the total life of the parish by its members.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a body of elected and appointed representatives of the whole parish community, and serves as a means of communication, cooperation, and growth. The Council’s mission is to work in collaboration with the local pastor and his associate priests in planning, encouraging, guiding and directing all aspects of parish life. In living out this mission, the Council must discover and define the parish needs, formulate policy and goals based upon identified needs, and monitor and evaluate programs to meet stated needs.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Contact: Pat Kosman  410 398-1100


The RCIA is an ongoing four-stage process within the parish life. It is designed to welcome new members into the Church and at the same time to lead every parishioner to a deeper belief and renewal of his or her own Christian faith.

RCIA is for those who: 

    • Are Catholic but have never been confirmed
    • Are interested in becoming a Catholic
    • Would like a deeper understanding of the faith.

RCIA Adapted for Children

Contact: Pat Kosman  410 398-1100

Parents who would like to have their children become members of our Catholic Christian community.

Respect Life

Contact: Bette Green

 Through advocacy and education, the Respect Life Committee promotes the Catholic Church’s teachings on the dignity and sacredness of human life.


  • Boy Scouts - Contact Kevin for more information



  • Cub Scouts - Contact Christina for more information



  • Girl Scouts - We currently do not have a girl scout troop. Contact the parish office if you would like to help start one!


Boy Scouts is a program for boys 11-17 years of age. Scouting is a mostly an outdoor program designed to help boys develop character, citizenship, and fitness. Through Scouting, boys develop into well-rounded young men. Camping and other outdoor activities are complemented by the merit badge program, which allows a Scout to investigate and pursue skills, knowledge, and vocational hobby interests.

Cub Scouting is a program for those in grades 1-5 and their families. Through a varied program of outdoor activities, crafts, service projects, games, and ceremonies, boys develop character and learn about themselves, and the people and the world around them in fun and exciting ways.

Girl Scouts of the USA is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls – all girls – where in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

Social Concerns Committee

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398 1100


The purpose of the Social Concerns Committee is to inform and involve the people of Immaculate Conception Parish in service of one another and of the community.

In response to the Gospel message and Jesus command to love our neighbors as ourselves, the goals of this committee are as follows:

    • Promote the sanctity of life and human dignity
    • Provide Pastoral Care for the sick, homebound, and hospitalized
    • Meet the needs of the bereaved
    • Meet the social-economic needs of the community
    • Inform the parish community on social just issues and encourage its participation in promoting justice for all God’s people.

Spring Fundraiser Dinner

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398-1100

 The Spring Fundraiser Dinner is one of three major fundraisers for our parish. The event is usually held at Singerly Fire Hall in Elkton. Each year we change the theme and include silent auction items, raffles, games, dinner, music and dancing. If you’d like to help, please contact the parish office.

Visitors to the Sick

Contact: Deacon Mike Truman  410 398-0009

Visitors to fellow parishioners who are sick, homebound, or residing in nursing homes. All that is necessary is to possess a friendly, sincere and loving concern for those whom they visit. If the visitor is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion he/she brings the spiritual nourishment of the Eucharist. Individuals, couples and families are invited to serve in this ministry. Visitors also visit those in nursing homes and at the hospital. Training and ongoing guidance is provided.