November 16, 2022 Meeting

Parish Pastoral Council Minutes


Parish Pastoral Council: The November meeting began with a prayer and the review of the October minutes. They were approved unanimously. The Council received an update on our financial status including a report on our successful Christmas Bazaar, raising important funds for the parish. A word of thanks to the many parishioners involved in the planning and execution of the event! The Council introduced “Children Bags” to help parents of small children keep them entertained during Mass. This is an effort to be a more welcoming place for families. The Council folllwed up on the topic of new signage to increase our visibility and help people unfamiliar with our campus to find us. The discussion brought a greater measure of clarity and helped close in on a few action items. Next, the Council received a report on the progress of improving our use of communication and marketing of parish activities. More information is needed before action can be taken. On our agenda for January 18, 2023 is a proposal to offer new parishioners and families a revised welcome pack. We will also consider possible parish retreat options for the new year.