Liturgical Ministry

Welcome to the liturgical ministries page for the Immaculate Conception parish. Here members of our parish, religious communities and other Catholic faith communities can find information about volunteering as a Liturgical Minister. Liturgical Ministers utilize their talents and gifts that God has given them to give back to their parish community. Liturgical Ministers include Altar Servers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, etc. 

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Liturgical Ministry Opportunities

Altar Servers

Contact: Deacon Mike Truman  410 398-0009f6ooj22bd9k9hj9h7rydhmuj19l.png

Altar Servers serve the parish family by assisting in the celebration of the liturgy as a mirror and model for the gathered assembly; by serving the priest as he presides over the liturgy, and by serving God through their worship and prayer.

Any boy or girl who has completed the 3rd grade and has received his or her First Eucharist may serve as an Altar Server. This opportunity of service for your parish community is open to adults as well.

Please see this page for more information.


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398 1100   c6n8vzqgwlbb4p0amfab9zgnqvl.png

Each week our community gathers around the Eucharist table to be nourished by the body and blood of Christ. Eucharistic Ministers assist the Presider with the distribution of communion. Also, a Eucharistic Minister may expose the Blessed Sacrament for exposition, conduct communion services, and bring communion to the sick. In this ministry, one should be an example of Christian living in faith and conduct; and should strive to grow in holiness through the sacrament of unity and love. Candidates (16 or older) are selected from our community and approved by the Chancellor of the diocese. Following their approval each candidate must participate in a training program and is then installed.

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Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398 1100po6l3ptz1etb5x9tf3m6nmlo2jl.png

One of the central parts of our liturgical celebration is the proclamation of God’s word. Proclaimers are members of our parish community who proclaim the Old Testament and the New Testament readings.

Many Proclaimers use this opportunity to deepen their own prayer life – through their preparation. This ministry is open to all who feel they have the gift of proclaiming.

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Contact: Parish Main Office  410 398 1100  sbwco22drhp7z64645sp9qgrfcl.png

Ushers are the ministers of hospitality who present the hospitable face of Christ to the assembled community. They ensure that our celebrations are orderly and organized. Ushers share the following duties:

      • greeting us and welcoming us into the assembly
      • distributing worship aides and parish bulletins
      • seating the assumbly
      • collecting the offerings
      • organizing processions
      • caring for the infirm and disabled
      • responding to emergencies, and
      • providing information and assistance to all.