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Answer Bishop Koenig’s Invitation to join him for the twelfth Pilgrimage
Bishop Koenig invites youth, young adults, and families from all parishes and schools to join him as we come together for the twelfth Pilgrimage on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Pilgrims from across the diocese will carry the diocesan pilgrimage cross through the streets of Wilmington with the Bishop as a representation of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem and His journey on Good Friday to Calvary. The day begins at St. Elizabeth parish with opening prayer and a concert featuring The Scally Brothers at 10:00 am. We conclude with the 4pm Mass at St. Elizabeth. Don’t miss this great opportunity to wrap up your Lenten journey with hundreds of your peers. Cost for the day is $15 per person or $45 max per family (bring your own lunch). For more information, visit www.cdowcym.org. Registration deadline is March 26, 2023 




Our second annual Reconciliation Monday

 will take place on Monday, April 3rd  from 3:30 to 7:30pm at Immaculate Conception and St. Jude Churches. Not only will we have confession here in our churches during that time, but all parishes in the diocese will be holding confessions. So if it is more convenient for you to go to another church closer to work, feel free to do so. Please invite those friends and family members who have been away from the Sacraments to take advantage of this opportunity. Visit cdow.org/ReconciliationMonday for more information.





Bishop Koenig invites the men of the Diocese to consider applying for the Deacon Formation Program, which will begin in June 2023. There are several opportunities to attend an information night throughout the diocese, starting April 18. For further information, and to reserve a seat for the Information Night, please call Deacon Phil Belt at (302) 573-2390. For dates, times, and places of the meetings, check out the diocesan website:  cdow.org/deacons






Rachel’s Vineyard Catholic Retreat will be held the weekend of April 21-23, 2023.  This retreat offers emotional and spiritual healing for anyone who has struggled with the pain of abortion. Whether you are post-abortive or know someone who is, freedom awaits.  Contact Nan Freeman at 302-463-7711 (call or text) or [email protected] by April 7.




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