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The Youth Ministry journeys with our young people as they come to know, love, and live the Good News of Jesus in their lives.  This ministry has a four pillared approach: catechesis, spiritual formation, outreach, and social interaction.  Our activities include meetings, fellowship, service opportunities, retreats, and summer programs.  All are welcome.  Come and join us!

Mission Statement

We the youth of Immaculate Conception Parish and St. Jude Mission Church, while being the vibrant church of today, fuel the church of tomorrow by effectively unifying the youth of our community in the love of Jesus.

We aim to create an environment where we can be active through service to the community, through prayer and worship, and through education to further our Catholic faith.  We do this while upholding the mission of our parish and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


Youth Group (grades 9-12)

ICC/SJ Youth Group meets in the youth room
in the Parish Center on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.


If you would like to join the youth group, contact Mare Draper - 410-392-3560 or


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Check out the various activities and service opportunities available:

Attention Families and Young People! Did you know that ICC has a social media "hub" for all service opportunities and events? This site is updated constantly with any needs of the parish, community outreach, and cool events/trips in our Parish, Deanery, and Diocese! Check us out OFTEN 



Check out the various activities and service opportunities available:





Christmas Joy at the Community Kitchen in Elkton

December 22, 2023

The hustle and bustle of Christmas parties, shopping, and cookie bakes were at an all-time high last Friday. Kids were off from school; families were gathering last-minute items so they could pack their cars and houses for the upcoming Christmas weekend. You could smell the Christmas excitement in the air as you encountered small businesses throughout the Elkton/Northeast area for sure!

Who would think that the Friday before Christmas, the first official day of winter break, would entice young people to volunteer their time and energy at the Elkton Community Kitchen? It was a stretch to think that I would have maybe 4-5 young people join me – at best. I was praying for it. Well, God had other plans! He sent me 6 FAMILIES (total of 15 people)! It was a true Christmas miracle as the original group scheduled only had 4 members signed up to host the event. Julie, our kitchen leader, was so overwhelmed with the help. She was moved to tears during our opening and closing prayers as she praised God for his gift of volunteers – especially the young people. We all were teary-eyed.

Serving at soup kitchens and homeless shelters is not easy. To be honest, it is the most challenging for me personally. BUT…it is a true gift to watch young people encounter Christ during their interactions with the homeless and disadvantaged. It is truly humbling to watch them fearlessly engage in conversation with the guests and clients of the center. They show me Christ’s love every time they smile and serve those who are forgotten, dismissed, and/or alienated because of life’s battles. This brought the hope of Christmas to center just by being present and compassionate. No training needed; they just did it.

Christmas has a new meaning for all of us that worked that afternoon. We walked away a little different than when we arrived. I believe the word is blessed. It is one of the beautiful gifts of serving others. The work may be hard, but the outcome is so worth it. All we have to do is show up and HE does the rest. It was an honor to be a part of this special day. I am looking forward to more opportunities in 2024!


Mare Draper

Director of Faith Formation





This past summer, Fr. Rich and I had the pleasure of working with some pretty special, young men and their moms at the Community Kitchen Outreach at Elkton Presbyterian Church. This outreach program offers lunches for the impoverished/homeless community in the downtown Elkton community every Friday afternoon. Immaculate Conception serves at the Kitchen four times a year; last Friday (July 28th) was one of those days. It was terribly hot and humid last Friday, and yet our young people arrived ready to go and excited to serve the community guests with no hesitation. We were in AWE of their ability to serve with kindness and compassion – without judgment or fear! Each of them welcomed, served, and/or talked with the community’s guests with ease-- Strike that – with LOVE. They truly were the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus for all of us! There are not enough words to express the gratitude received from all who witnessed our youth in action! This was a great place to start the new year of ministry for all of us. There are more opportunities coming in the weeks/months ahead. We hope you will join us as we seek to spread the love of Jesus to all we encounter through our ministry! Stay tune until next time….

   Mare Draper, Director of Faith Formation/Youth and Family Evangelization Specialist.


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Peer Leadership Training

The peer Leadership team is for all those in high school who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and who are interested in continuing ministry in a leadership role. Training is provided and required for all. Great opportunity for service hours and learn more about yourself in the process. AND...great friendships.

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     Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Adult volunteers are always a welcomed addition to our programs and events. Donating your time and talent costs $0, and the outcomes are PRICELESS!  Whether it is one event or a whole season (prep, etc.) we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you! YOU CAN MAKE SUCH AN IMPACT IN THE LIFE OF A YOUNG PERSON!

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Father Mike Schmitz

Chaplain, Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Father Mike Schmitz is the chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He also serves as the Director of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth.

Fr. Schmitz is known for his Internet presence, especially his YouTube videos. He has been a speaker at many Catholic events and conferences.

Since 2015, Fr. Schmitz has been the primary person involved in Ascension Presents, with free videos offering Catholic perspectives on cultural societal issues. Fr. Schmitz's videos have covered topics from mixed martial arts to Batman vs. Superman. Beginning in 2017, these talks have also been offered as podcasts.   

Click here to see Fr. Mike's podcasts and videos



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Phone: 410-392-3560

Youth ministry is more than programs and events!

It is “the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people, and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community”.  
(A Vision of Youth Ministry)